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Harold-CrosmanIt’s all well and good having the best air rifle kit for your field target shooting, but if you can’t use it effectively, you’ve little chance of filling that trophy cabinet!

Team USA’s Harold Rushton, was recently featured in the Airpower Special episode of Team Wild’s Academy. In this episode, field target shooting legend Harold Rushton shows you his three key shooting positions to help you get the best from your target shooting and shares what works for him as he prepares for championships. Don’t miss this episode! Tune in here:

Also, tune in to Team Wild TV for other great videos. Tune in at this link: CLICK HERE

Harold Rushton Featured on Team Wild TV

Harold-CrosmanReady for our next video? You will LOVE this one!

Harold Rushton was just featured on Team Wild TV. This week’s Airpower Special Episode of Team Wild’s Gear featured our very own Harold Rushton and some of the gear that he will be using in the World Field Target Championship this year in Germany, representing the US and TEAM USA.

In this episode, Harold takes you through his championship-winning sports rifle kit, the Steyr LG100. Harold’s won many trophies with this beast of an air rifle, and he takes you through the ins and outs of what goes into his world-class field target set-up. Click and enjoy. And, share your feedback with us!

Highlights from Northeast Regional Field Target Championship

Big weekend for Field Target Team USA at the Northeast Regional Field Target Championship sponsored by Crosman Corporation!

Not only did Team USA place first in the team event, our team members dominated the top of the score board.

1. Harold Rushton, 112 (top shooter for the entire event)
2. Greg Sauve, 107

WFTF Piston
1. Hector Gomez, 86 (4th year in a row he has won)
2. Keith Knoblauch, 80

Want to see the full match results? Here are the complete results:

1. Harold Rushton, 112 (top shooter for the event)
2. Greg Sauve, 107
3. Paul Cray, 106
4. Dan Brown, 103

WFTF Piston
1. Hector Gomez, 86 (4th year in a row he has won)
2. Keith Knoblauch, 80

Hunter PCP
1. Bill Day (won in shootoff), 99
2. Jerry LaRocca, 99
3. Greg Shirhall (won in shootoff), 98
4. Chris Helms, 98
5. John Tyler, 96

Hunter Piston
1. Paul Manktelow, 81
2. Dean Buczek, 45
3. Jeff Hanson, 41

Open PCP
1. Tyler Patner, 100
2. Dennis Eden, 97
3. Matt Sawyer, 95

Open Piston
1. Tony Narracci, 88
2. David Fontaine, 82

Pistol Hands-Supported (score of 30 possible)
1. Dan Brown, 16
2. Larry Bowne, 11

Pistol Hunter (score of 30 possible)
1. Craig Evans, 24
2. Bill Day, 23
3. John Tyler, 21

Pistol Open (score of 30 possible)
1. Jerry LaRocca, 19
2. Art Deuel, 15

Quigley Bucket Challenge: Greg Sauve (*Team USA Member)

International challenge: Team USA won with best aggregate score of 88.66 over Team Canada (78.66) and Team Venezuela (72.60).

See Photo Album from this Event

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Ian Harford of Team Wild TV gives U.S. Field Target a try!!

harold-ianRecently Team Wild TV made a trip to middle Tennessee. My pal Ian Harford ask if I could give him a few pointers on U.S. Field Target and shooting a power level of near 20 fpe. I gladly loaned Ian my USFT #19. That’s the old gun that I used to win two U.S. National Championships and countless other local, regional and state matches. It was my hope to give Ian a glimpse of U.S. Field Target from my perspective shooting a big old heavy gun! Well, as it turned out, he shot it well. I think he even had a bit of fun along the way.

Just to get Ian on track, I took him over to Pulaski to give the rifle a dry run on Roz Sumpter’s course in the pines. It was a great afternoon of airguns and field target! We both knocked down a bunch of targets and ended the day with a little friendly banter…

Check out the video here for more about our afternoon at Roz’s place:

Steyr LG100 Conversion for Field Target

I converted this old Steyr LG100 from a 10m gun to a 16j gun for Field Target this winter. The modifications were many as the old Steyr Mannlicher design isn’t as friendly to increasing power as the newer Sportwaffen models. The modifications included: changing to 85 bar regulator, adding external power adjuster, milling out to allow fitting of external power adjuster, made parts for the hammer assembly on my lathe, free floated the barrel, added Anschutz Butthook, and added adjustable knee riser (hamster).

The velocity is very consistent and accuracy and well above acceptable with A/A 8.4′s and Crosman Premier 7.9′s. The rifle has an old Barley Twist barrel that seems to do the job well. I tried a Rowan air stripper, but started getting flyers. (Not sure why as I have one on my EV2 that works superbly). So, I will probably just make a muzzle compensator myself when I have time.

I am testing the “Welman” scope rail made by Pellcan in the USA. This is an excellent value as it only costs about $75 U.S. dollars. Far less expensive than most options here for quality scope rails. (Note: This rail was specifically designed for an Air Arms 510, but fits the Steyr very well. Pellcan is now working on a specific rails for the Steyr!)

I am thinking about having the black housing done in a carbon fiber hydrograpic finish. Maybe also make a new set of wood for it too. Just some more things to tinker with in the future.

Shoot safe!

Harold Rushton

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

“Welman” scope rail
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Adjustable knee riser
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Nice compact package in this 28″ case
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Handy to carry to local matches
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

At 28″ this case is about half the length of most gun cases
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Traveling with an Air Rifle

Steyr-RushtonI have traveled numerous times by air with my competition Airguns. Given the way that most airlines handle luggage, a secure case is a must! For my rifles I have had good luck using a Pelican 1700 case. This is a very solid case that protects my gear very well.

I am going to Norway to compete in the World Field Target match in August. So, I purchased a new Pelican 1700 for my TM1000 rifle. I worked last night on fitting my gear into the case. Below you can see a couple of pictures of My Pelican 1700 case is all fitted for my TM1000 and ready to travel to Norway next week.

I used one of these cases last year with my Steyr and found it to be rock solid. This case meets the luggage standards for airline usage without generating extra baggage fees. I also prefer to negotiate airport terminals with the smaller, less conspicuous case. It just doesn’t “scream” gun like a standard long case does. So, if you need a great case that will last a lifetime, I highly recommend the Pelican 1700 series.

Harold Rushton

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

My new TM-1000 by Rapid Air Weapons

Martin and I have been talking about a TM1000 for some time now. I finally placed the order and Martin called to tell me that my rifle was ready this week. So, I picked up my rifle after work today and took it straight to the range to test out.

My rifle is sporting a grey laminate stock. It is a 12 fpe version that is set up for WFTF Division. I will also be getting one of Martin’s nice knee risers to match the laminate stock. This is a truely awesome and complete Field Target rig!

I mounted one of my Leupold Competition 35x scopes using B-Square Weaver to Dovetail adaptors, and Leupold Quick Release low mounts. The alignment was spot on for me, and I didn’t have any adjustments, shimming or other tinkering to do to the scope.

I initially set up paper targets at 15 and 25 yards. This was just to get a start with my scope. It only took a few shots to bring the pellets into one hole at 15 yards. So, I then moved on to 25 yards. Once again, with a little bit of minor adjusting, I had nice tight groups at 25 yards. I next measured out 50 yards and set up another paper target there. With an addition of 32 clicks from my zero point, the TM1000 was dropping pellets spot on. I shot a few groups that looked very good, then spent a few minutes really taking my time on a 5 shot group. I achieved a nice tight group which I posted a picture of below.

I am planning to ad a target type of butt plate to the rifle soon. It will likely be something similar to, if not exactly like what I have on my EV-2. I like the way those target buttplates “lock” into my shoulder when holding the rifle. So, I think that will be nice addition to the rifle.

After I got home, I measured my scope height, and entered all of my data to set up a ballistics chart for this rifle. Now that my initial chart is printed out, I am anxious to give my numbers a try. So, looks like another visit to the range is in my future! I will let you guys know how it’s looking after a little more trigger time with the TM1000. So far, very promising! happy.gif

Take care,

Harold Rushton

TM1000 – Laminate Stock Version – 12 fpe
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Nice stippling in the grip area
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

5 shot group shot at 50 yards off my knee with JSB Express @ 815 FPS
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Rapid Air Weapons TM1000

I have been shooting pretty much all of my life. My obsession started when I was about knee high to a grasshopper, with a Red Rider BB gun. From there, I progressed into a .410 shotgun, .22 rimfire, 30-30 Winchester and so on. It seems that over the years, I can remember certain rifles that came along, only to prove that they were truely outstanding compared to others.  Some of those that have been special to me include; my Remington Model 700, USFT #19, Whiscombe JW-65, and Air Arms EV2.

When thinking about Field Target rifles, I think the same is true. We see a truely remarkable rifle come along once in a very long while.  With that in mind, we now have another of those memorable rifles that is being made in the good old USA! This time, my friend Martin Rutterford has hit the ball out of the park with his new RAW TM1000.

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