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Scott Allen and Chris Berry are hardcore Field Target shooters and organizers in North Carolina.  They are both awesome contributors to the sport of Field Target in the USA.  In continuing their efforts to help build and grow the sport, they have started a Field Target Podcast.  Scott and Chris have interviewed a number of great shooters on many different entertaining topics.  I had the opportunity to be interviewed for the show recently and thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with Scott during the interview.

If you have a few minutes, check out the Podcast here:

Episode 13 – Interview with Harold Rushton (Part 1)



Stay tuned for Part 2 in the coming days!

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Harold Rushton

nationals2 I recently attended the U.S. Field Target National Match in Michigan.  It was a great match with over 100 competitors from around the world in attendance.  We got to do two days of shooting, visit with friends and of course talk about airguns.  What could be better, right?

We were blessed with great weather all weekend.  With one exception:  WIND!  It was very windy on the first day of the match and that sent a lot of shooters from lane to lane scratching their heads about how to hold from shot to shot.

Fortunately, day two wasn’t as windy and the scores reflected it.  I think everyone had a great time at the match and we all learned something, which is always good.  If you haven’t participated in a Field Target National Match, make plans to do so next year.  The AAFTA 2017 National Match will be held in Phoenix, AZ.  I’m sure we are all in for a treat from the organizers there!

nationals4Here’s a link to my match report on my sponsor web page at Team Pyramyd Air.  Once again, a big thank you to Pyramyd Airgun Mall for all of their support of field target and the Pyramyd Air Team.  You guys rock!

Click Here for the match report:


Well folks, it’s time to get out the old field target rifle and dust it off for the 2016 season.  Hopefully some of you have kept reasonably proficient over the winter.  Some of us, well… not so much I suspect.

I’ve already shot a couple of Spring field target matches here in the Southern part of the USA.  Our weather has been nice lately so I’ve had a hankering to fling a few pellets.  Last weekend we shot the Cajun Spring Classic Field Target Match and boy was it a load of fun!  Just getting back into the sport after a long winter is a real treat.

Since we are just getting things back on track for the season, I thought I’d share a short motivational trailer (movie) I made a few weeks ago.  Maybe it will inspire some of you to get your plans together for the season and start planning which matches you’ll be shooting.


I wish you all the best of luck this season!  I also look forward to seeing you at a match somewhere soon.

Harold Rushton


The  Tennessee Valley 120 Field Target Match will be held May 14-15, 2016 at Roz Sumpter’s place near Pulaski, TN. The match will consist of two 60 shot matches shot over a two day weekend.

The courses will be masterfully designed by Brad Troyer and Roz Sumpter.   This match is a must attend, AAFTA Grand Prix Event if you are a serious field target competitor!

Click here to download the registration form:

Be sure to watch this short trailer of the upcoming event!




IMG_6135I’ve owned my Steyr LG110 since 2012.  It started life as a LG100, ten meter rifle.  The serial number is 273 and was an original Steyr Manlicher gun.  I converted the rifle to 12 fpe for World Field Target.  I added an external velocity adjuster and eventually changed over to the new LG110 chassis.  I have been very pleased with the gun as it is superbly accurate and consistent.  I shot it for a couple of years with the old original Steyr yellow and black laminate wood.  It worked fine, but I felt this rifle deserved a better fitting wood set.

FullSizeRender 2So, before last season I made a new set of wood for the rifle.   The new wood set included a custom fitted grip, cheek piece and knee riser.  I used a riser mechanism from Mac1 Airguns in California.  It functions well and doesn’t add too much weight.   I made some slight adjustments to the wood set last season.  This winter I decided to refinish the rifle in a blue base-coat, skull hydrograpic pattern and lots of clear-coat!

FullSizeRenderAs for the rest of the rifle,  I used a carbon fiber gray for the buttstock, trigger guard and air cylinder.  I think it turned out really nice.  Now I feel the rifle is almost complete.  I still have a couple of parts that will get some color later, but for now… It’s time to shoot!


Quality Airguns and Accessories

I recently had a chance to stop by and visit with Martin Rutterford at Rapid Air Weapons in Minor Hill, TN. Martin took time to show me around his CNC manufacturing facility, and we spent some time looking at the new TM1000. In short, the TM1000 is an awesome rifle that is designed with Field Target in mind. The rifle includes quite a few features that I find to be essential for Field Target. The optional new knee riser is rock solid, and can be used on most any other rifle with a rail.

Here’s a few photos of the TM 1000 in action!

David Brown’s new TM1000 in a 12 fpe version
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Roz Sumpter with his new TM1000 in the 20 fpe version
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Knee Riser
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]